Tarazaki Castle Ruins

Sightseeing information about Tarazaki Castle Ruins in Japan.

Tarazaki Castle Ruins3.5

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Why does an ordinary automobile road has many signs with "No motorcycles"? Because so many motorcycle riders have crushed into the guardrail after allegedly having seen a female ghost on this road. The damaged rails are regularly replaced, but this effort does not catch up with the frequency of accidents. This road and the castle ruins it lead up to are coupled together as twin haunted spots, a rarely found case in this country.

In the castle ruins, there are plenty of red sign posts, adding to a scary feel of this spot. You may hear a female voice in a totally empty meadow. Some people claim to have lost sight with a sudden fog while they were walking. Even spiritually insensitive people are said to feel something in the ruins.

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Purposethrilling,haunted places
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