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This tunnel for JR Line is well known among researcher of spiritual phenomenons. Since its construction in 1910s, a number of strange incidents have been reported, including illness of people working at the nearby station. When a 1970 earthquake damaged this tunnel, dozens of human skeletons were found from the destroyed inner walls.

The truth seems to be that the laborers who became seriously ill could have been buried here without treatment. It would give you a creep just to think about it, but you will actually feel a gloomy air if you pass through this tunnel by train, and especially if you are very sensitive.

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5.012 months ago

This tunnel is also famous for being built by the terrible and harsh Takobeya labor. Workers called "octopuses" collected from Honshu killed more than 100 people between a small meal and hard work and the completion of construction in October 1914.
At the time of construction, workers collapsed one after another due to heavy labor and malnutrition, and the collapsed workers were physically punished without being treated, and the bodies are said to have been buried in tunnels and forests near the site. There is also a story that a neighboring resident who came to pick edible wild plants picked up the bones of human hands and feet.

After the opening of the tunnel, sudden stop accidents often occurred in the tunnel, so for the purpose of memorial service, the Naka-Yubetsu track maintenance of the Japanese National Railways (JNR) was registered in 1959 (Showa 34) with the cooperation of the mayor at that time. Kanwajizoson was built about 1 km from the tunnel toward Rubeshibe Town. About 50 remains have been excavated from the vacant lot behind the Jizo statue by the families of JNR staff, and a memorial service is held every June.

It was said that a octopus worker who was slaughtered by a scoop because he did not follow the director's instructions was erected as a pillar in the tunnel to show off, but Tokachi in 1968 (Showa 43). After repair work due to wall damage caused by the Oki earthquake, in September 1970 (Showa 45), during the expansion work of the third shelter from the Takobeya station exit, about 60 cm behind the brick wall. A human bone with a damaged skull was found in the ball gravel, and it became clear that the legend of the human pillar was true.

Subsequent excavations revealed and contained 10 more bodies, which were laid to the "Tomb of the Tsunemon Tunnel Martyrs" in the Rubeshibe Town Cemetery. Also, in November 1980 (Showa 55), by the Rubeshibe Town and the memorial monument construction period meeting at that time, "Tsunemon tunnel construction victims" overlooking the Sekihoku main line on the hill (the site of Kanehana Elementary School) west of the Kanehana signal field. A memorial monument was erected.

4.010 months ago

It is a tunnel with a sad history. It is famous as a ghost spot, but it is also a habitat for brown bears, so it is important to stay away from it. Besides having a single line

3.012 months ago

Famous as a ghost spot. A tunnel with a human pillar.

5.011 months ago

A tunnel filled with human bones.
It is the end of Takobeya labor.

3.02 years ago

The facts of labor in the room. (Wiki) from books.
The life of people is amazingly treated lightly. Human rights are equal to nothing. Those who eat and eat who do not know whether to live or die tomorrow.
In an environment of semi-forced labor, the seemingly lavishly normalizing Lynch and faction violence. Wage is a system that can be consumed and drained by expensive sake and baku. The rough environment gradually loses its sanity. The treatment is slaughtered with rags, but to eat, there are many people who can not help living and many people are deceived and sold. Environment that can not escape geographically and artificially. I want to remember the fact that there were many sacrifices in Hokkaido reclamation, pre-war dams, and railway construction.
Today's blessed social welfare and environment that the predecessors have built with various experiences and plans in a good direction on humanity. It is fundamentally different in comparison with the social environment at the time, but modern black companies are close to "heaven".
In summer and winter, I took 82 series and went to iron
Because I can not get information, I came out with a bear, and I knew it was scary.
Returning from the tunnel, I was tired and I took a nap at Kinka Station, and I was seriously disappointed. I remember something that happened and I was ill for 2 months, followed by canal stenosis, and I was just crazy around with the sound of my ears ...

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