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The spookiest in Yamagata Prefecture, the dilapidated Takifudo Shine and its surrounding area have some haunted spots. People say some specific action is likely to trigger a spiritual phenomenon. The ruined shrine itself is not much of a place to witness apparitions but you are likely to experience some accident on your way back home. A possible trigger here is touching a sword in the precincts.

The nearby crematory is another mysterious spot, where if you drive your car in a form of lemniscate in the car park, spiritual phenomenon is said to be triggered. This venue used to be an execution site long time ago, taking on an eerie atmosphere. Lastly, a road tunnel near hear is also a haunted place and if you turn off the engine and honk three times, you will be in trouble. The engine may not be revved up again, or you will find numerous handprints that look like children's after you are out of the tunnel.

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