Tsugane-otoshi-no-taki Waterfall

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Crossing a dam and going through a tunnel, you will reach a waterfall called Tsugane-otoshi-no-taki. This waterfall, together with the tunnel, is considered the most haunted spot in Nagasaki Prefecture. The walkway in the tunnel is uneven, and you will hear footsteps other than yours. Those who come here to enjoy the cool air of the waterfall will have chilling experience.

One prevailing theory is that a massacre of Christians during the early Edo period are causing some of spiritual phenomenons here. There are many witnesses who claim to have seen a lady drenched to her skin, or a parent and a child roaming on and under the bridge. Once you are in the plunge pool of the waterfall, you are least likely to be found. There seem to be many unsaved souls of suicide here.

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