Sightseeing information about Gekko-no-Taki in Japan.

Gekko-no-Taki (Waterfall of Moonlight)3.7

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This waterfall is located along a busy national highway but the area is very dark without even moonlight filtering through - except for this waterfall called Gekko-no-taki (literally 'waterfall of moonlight'). Witness testimony is central to strangely floating light around a bridge near the waterfall. There are also many reports of spiritual phenomenons happening in the surrounding areas.

This is part of the ascetic training site for a religious institution, and you will see a 'No further entry for those eating meat' sign standing in front. The place has a grave ambience. Rumor has it that if you visit here after eating meat and see yourself reflecting on the water, you will be violently drawn into the plunge pool. This spot does not seem safe to sensitive people, as there are so many who suffer later from 'kanashibari (sleep paralysis)' and polter geist.

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