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The Red Brick Warehouses are a pair of historic landmark buildings in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama. This is a very popular date spot, particularly after dark when the red-brick walls are atmospherically lit up and there is a marvelous night view of the port.

The Building No. 1 has a concert hall and art galleries, serving as a trend setter of cultural activities in Yokohama. In the Building No. 2, you can enjoy a huge variety of restaurants and unique boutiques. In between the two buildings is an open courtyard-like area, where a skating rink and a giant Christmas tree are set up in the winter season. In summer, you can have a wonderful time drinking beer!

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4.0a month ago

This place is pretty cool. We enjoyed walking around browsing the shops. Nice stuff. Some of it can be pretty expensive, but seems to be really good quality if it is. But we found some decent deals also. Didn't get to the restaurants, but they had bands playing in the evening. Pretty area to spend a day walking around.

4.0a month ago

A nice date spot. The buildings are beautiful and the contrast with the blue sky on a clear day is quite stunning. Inside, building 1 is actually a quite stylish, if small, mall with a decent food court and restaurants while building 2 is more of a gallery space. Views of the harbour and the sea along the park, while not the best, are still pretty nice.

3.0a week ago

Lots of shops inside old brick warehouses, fairly cramped. Good location on the water and a short walk to the pier. I went on a Sunday and there happened to be some sort of J-pop music event on with lots of stages set up and girl groups performing, interesting insight into one facet of Japanese music culture.

5.0a week ago

This area in downtown Yokohama is more popularly known as "The Red Brick Warehouse". If you are using the JR Lines then get off at the Sakuragicho station and from there it is a good 20 min but pleasant walk. This used to be an old customs warehouse / office but repurposed as a shopping outlet housing exclusively Japanese made handicraft, clothing, fashion accessories, etc. It also has an open balcony on the top floor and quite a few restaurants (Japanese) and a coffee shop. The merchandise is pricey - mind you. But if you are in downtown Yokohama then definitely worth a peek.

5.03 weeks ago

There are always interesting events going on here. There are nice restaurants and shops inside. The water is close by. It's a nice stop if you're in the area.

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