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Red Brick Warehouses4.1

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The Red Brick Warehouses are a pair of historic landmark buildings in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama. This is a very popular date spot, particularly after dark when the red-brick walls are atmospherically lit up and there is a marvelous night view of the port.

The Building No. 1 has a concert hall and art galleries, serving as a trend setter of cultural activities in Yokohama. In the Building No. 2, you can enjoy a huge variety of restaurants and unique boutiques. In between the two buildings is an open courtyard-like area, where a skating rink and a giant Christmas tree are set up in the winter season. In summer, you can have a wonderful time drinking beer!

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4.0a month ago

As its name, it's looks the same as made of red bricks. It's was earlier a ware but now has lots of restaurants and souvenirs points. The rates are similar to as other places and not costly. Sometimes you may find few other activities ongoing here if you are lucky so can enjoy more. The nearby garden area and sea shore is good view from here. Must visit place of Yokohama.

3.0a week ago

Depends on what you're looking forward to do. The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is definitely a photo point (exterior) with its unique building. When you enter, you will be greeted with various small stalls selling souvenirs, crafts etc. There are also several restaurants that you can dine in. While it was interesting, I'd recommend this as a pleasant quick stop when you've got time while sight seeing around the area.

You can also opt to ride the Akai-kutsu bus around Yokohama, which stops at the Red Brick Warehouse ;)

4.03 months ago

This place is pretty cool. We enjoyed walking around browsing the shops. Nice stuff. Some of it can be pretty expensive, but seems to be really good quality if it is. But we found some decent deals also. Didn't get to the restaurants, but they had bands playing in the evening. Pretty area to spend a day walking around.

4.0a week ago

The northern (bigger) building contain several restaurants with show kitchen. Other half are shops of small local manufacturer. From wooden stuff, over leather up to cosmetics. Among other shops the smaller southern building contain a shop for plastic food. You also get DIY kits. Between both buildings regularly events as streetfood markets.

5.02 weeks ago

GREAT place!!!! Situated in the harbor with great view! The house was redesigned to include shops while keeping with the original style. Very good selection of shops and restaurants!

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