Noboribetsu Bear Park

Sightseeing information about Noboribetsu Bear Park in Japan.

Noboribetsu Bear Park3.8

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Around 140 brown bears are waiting for you in the park situated on Mt. Shihorei, an elevation of 550m (1800ft) and 7 min by ropeway from Noboribetsu Hot Spring, Hokkaido. You can watch bears walking, playing and eating in enclosures, one of which provide the "human cage" or the protective viewing room directly inside it so that you can see bears up close. You can also learn about the Ainu, an indigenous people of Hokkaido, at a museum and a village where the Ainu life are on display.
Duck races and the squirrel village are also popular among children.
Warm clothes are recommended in the winter.
Location: 224 Noboribetsu Onsen Town, Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido

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4.03 months ago

Great views and experiences with cute bears. Bears seem well treated. Parts of the park are closed in the winter (squirrel house and ainu village)

5.03 months ago

i’m almost jealous of the bears’ possibly happier existence, being well taken of, fed generously without question, and happy in general~

excellent value for money at 2700 yen, includes the ropeway to the park itself (which is situated atop a mountainous region)

don’t have much pics as they are mostly videos!

3.04 months ago

The park offers a quick way to view the lake and the surrounding mountain peaks. There are live bears in pens and some stuffed ones. A bit tacky for my taste.

5.04 months ago

You can’t miss feeding the big bear, they are so cute! Also can see the salted fish taking cable car!

5.04 months ago

The bears are so cute but I think the enclosure is so small I think that it could be bigger so the bears can feel more comfortable

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