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Jigokudani Monkey Park4.5

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After successful feeding, this monkey park in the Jigokudani Onsen area was established in 1964 to protect and observe wild monkeys, known as Snow Monkeys in English. The hot spring pool dedicated to the monkeys, measuring 4m by 10m, was later constructed, as some of them had started dipping in the outdoor pools owned by the nearby onsen inns.

You can see monkeys throughout the year, but they only soak in the hot spring during the winter months. The park is currently inhabited by around 160 monkeys, and on a very cold day, visitors are likely to see nearly 50 of them taking a bath together. After covered by the Life magazine and spread by words of mouth during the Nagano Winter Olympics, this unique experience of viewing wild monkeys has attracted a large number of foreign tourists.

Prepare a pair of snow boots as you need to walk 30 minutes on a snow-covered path from the car parking area.

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At the base of the park are lots of small restaurants if you need to refuel or get a drink.

The park is a long trek up hill about 1.6km trail so her prepared to climb and wear comfortable shoes. Winter time the real can be slippery so good shoes is a must! There are some steps but mostly natural trail that's about 1.5m wide.

The monkeys are so cute and adorable it's definitely worth the hike.

For self drive visitors, please note and check certain road closures in winter.

4.0a week ago

This is an amazing experience all in all. Yudanaka is well worth the visit on its own. We came in winter and to see the houses with the pretty gardens all covered in snow was a real treat. The monkey park is a fair walk up a mountain and if you go in winter the ice can be a little treacherous so depending on how comfortable you are with your balance you may want to consider taking snow spikes for your shoes with you or buying some at the store at the bottom of the hill up to the park. I think they were 1350 yen. The park itself is really pretty small and it can get densely packed with a lot of people there so you may want to try and get there pretty early. We got there at 3pm and it wasn't too bad. I've read bad reviews but for me I don't think you can find an animal experience quite like this. The macaques will walk around you and barely acknowledge that you're there so you can get pretty close. It's amazing just to see them playing out their day in front of you. I'm so glad I went but the only reason this place isn't a five is because it is a little small and I think the images you see of the place maybe misrepresent it a little bit. I would still thoroughly recommend going.

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Not easy to get. Train. Bus. Walk. Nice 35-40 min walk. Park is not that big, just one pond with monkeys and plenty of monkeys running around. Not sure if it is good to visit in summer or when it is warm. Winter, snow, cold - best time. You will need a good lens to make shots which worth to keep and show. 200mm-300mm (35mm equivalent) would be enough. And it need to be fast. Pond is located in shadows and monkeys are moving ;) Bring some snacks for yourself, not monkeys ;) If you are Tokyo, it is a day trip which worth the time.

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Although I like that everyone can see monkeys up close and take beautiful photos, I'm against intervening with wildlife. The employees of park feed and actually signals the monkeys with whistles, so that they know that food is served. The monkeys don't appear to be wild but more semi-wild, dependent on the food from the park.
But the photos are amazing from there.

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The monkeys were friendly and amassed. The very slippery trail (about 2 km long) leading to the park was very beautiful and mostly untouched. Unfortunately, once you got to the monkey area there were a ton of exposed pipes and wire. The staff was very friendly and quiet helpful during a mini emergency my family experienced during the visit. The area around the park has plenty to do to and with a relatively cheap admission I'd definitely recommend anyone make this stop if they can.

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Snow monkey!!!!!

Snow monkey!!!!!

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VisitedMar 2015

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So the setting was just perfect to see snow monkeys! We took a day trip from nagoya in February. but,a lot of snow.

So the setting was just perfect to see snow monkeys!
We took a day trip from nagoya in February. but,a lot of snow.

VisitedMar 2016

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