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Cup Noodles Museum4.8

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The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun place to learn about instant ramen noodles with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Among the most popular is the My Cup Noodles Factory workshop, where visitors create their own noodles, choosing broth flavors and toppings, which will be sealed and shrink-wrapped to take home.

The Cup Noodles Park is an athletic course to experience the noodle production procedure, a good attraction for family tourists. There is also a food court styled in an Asian night market, offering noodles from 8 different countries (Italy, Vietnam, China, Korea, etc). The replica of the shed, where instant noodles were invented, and the video theater showing the history will remind you how this food has prevailed over the world in the past 60 years.

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5.0in the last week

What a fun and memorable experience. Easy directions and cheap admission and price for making and personalising your instant noodle cup design and combination flavours. Staff were very friendly and the place runs like clockwork managing to stay friendly and pushing crowds through the factory. We had a party of 7 and there was no problem at all. The souvenirs are just to die for as well. There's a gift for everyone

5.03 weeks ago

Super fun place! The whole building looks amazing!! The entrance is so pretty!

It was a really interesting visit, it’s fun to know how and why cup noodles were created!

My favourite part was to customize my own cup! They have those huge table where you can draw on you cup and then you decide of the ingredients and the broth you want!

5.03 weeks ago

Wonderful and interactive museum. ¥500 for the admission ticket and ¥300 / cup if you want to make your own cup noodle. Recommend doing the "make your own cup noodle" first thing in the morning to avoid lines. It is very popular even during weekdays (there are always groups like students or seniors). The story behind the founder of the ramen noodle is very inspirational. Expect to spend 2+ hours here.

5.0in the last week

The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun activity for the family or solo travelers. The admission price is ¥500 and ¥300 more if you want to make your own Cup of Noodles. I would definitely recommend it as there are a lot of different options in creating one. There is a companion app you can download on the free WiFi to go through the museum if you want to experience it in English. I spent just under 2 hours here, it felt well worth it.

5.0a week ago

Wow, what an absolutely brilliant experience, you get to design your own cup noodle and you can take it home in an air tight bag!!

Also, entrance fee is very affordable compare to other touristy places in Japan, I was quite surprised the souvenir store products are very reasonably priced too!

I would highly recommend this place if you are ever looking to stop by Yokohama.

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