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Cup Noodles Museum4.8

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The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun place to learn about instant ramen noodles with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Among the most popular is the My Cup Noodles Factory workshop, where visitors create their own noodles, choosing broth flavors and toppings, which will be sealed and shrink-wrapped to take home.

The Cup Noodles Park is an athletic course to experience the noodle production procedure, a good attraction for family tourists. There is also a food court styled in an Asian night market, offering noodles from 8 different countries (Italy, Vietnam, China, Korea, etc). The replica of the shed, where instant noodles were invented, and the video theater showing the history will remind you how this food has prevailed over the world in the past 60 years.

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4.04 weeks ago

Cute and fun, definitely kids will love it. Not much english but they try their best! Making my own cup noodles was fun and interesting.

5.02 weeks ago

Nice, not just an ordinary museum
I like the idea of making your own noodle cup!

5.06 months ago

I went and it is fun for all ages! You can design your own cup noodles, or you can sign up to MAKE your own noodles. I went last weekend, and want to go back to make my own noodles. Being an english speaker the instructions made it easy to do. They even have a wall of all the types of cup of noodles. They have a elevated cup of noodle which i found amazing. You should definitely check this place out!

5.08 months ago

Honestly I didn't expect much from this museum. Once there we realized that this is an extremely well designed experience throughout the entire space, from the architecture to the exhibits to the activities. I thought we'd spend an hour here Max and move on, but we ended up being there for 4 hours, and we still didn't get to see every last thing we wanted to see. We're big fans of Cup Noodles but just didn't expect the museum to be so engaging. Fun fun fun.

5.06 months ago

Making your own noodles and designing you own cups were great fun. As an English speaker they made it easy for you to follow along despite it being in primarily Japanese.
Museum is unique and makes the subject of Cup Noodles incredibly interesting, and I absolutely loved the food court (Noodle Market).
Overall, definitely worth the trip out to have a look.

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