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Cup Noodles Museum4.8

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The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun place to learn about instant ramen noodles with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Among the most popular is the My Cup Noodles Factory workshop, where visitors create their own noodles, choosing broth flavors and toppings, which will be sealed and shrink-wrapped to take home.

The Cup Noodles Park is an athletic course to experience the noodle production procedure, a good attraction for family tourists. There is also a food court styled in an Asian night market, offering noodles from 8 different countries (Italy, Vietnam, China, Korea, etc). The replica of the shed, where instant noodles were invented, and the video theater showing the history will remind you how this food has prevailed over the world in the past 60 years.

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5.0in the last week

If you're in Yokohama and you're looking for some fun, definitely come here! Making personalized cup noodles was one of the highlights of my trip, and they made for a nice treat when I came back home and was reminiscing about my time in Yokohama. I felt a giddiness and excitement that took me back to when I was a kid! The cup noodles also make a fantastic souvenir for any loved ones back home. Also, their gift shop is loaded with goodies and is reasonably priced! Enjoy!

4.0a week ago

Really enjoyable, but less there than I expected. It's laid out across 5 floors, but 1 of them is the museum. The other 4 are the noodle factory where you make your own cup noodle (highly recommended!), an event space, a park for kids and the gift shop/entrance hall. The museum section was interesting and the "make your own" experience was genuinely good fun. I'd still recommend visiting but don't plan to spend more than an hour or two.

4.0in the last week

They show a video which tells the history of instant noodles and cup noodles. Video is in Japanese but foreigners are given audio aids for English. Volume is a little soft though. There's a display of all the instant noodles launched by Nissin since it was founded. There are also 2 activities which you can do pay to participate in. The cup noodle drawing is ¥300 while dough making is ¥500. Fun for children!

4.03 weeks ago

Edit: Went back a second time, still great but DON'T TRY THE CUP NOODLE ICE CREAM. They literally put soy sauce, pork and egg in vanilla soft serve. One star off for this abomination.

Original review:

Great experience, lots to do for adults and kids alike. Making your own cup noodles was a blast. Theatre had an English track and museum had some translations as well. Food court was tasty, with half portions so you can try at least two. Surprisingly spacious inside, with lookout point and terrace. Gift shop is reasonable (i.e. T-shirt 1200, small plush 350). Overall, fun way to spend an afternoon.

5.02 months ago

The history of the cup noodles and its inventor awaits for you at this museum! It is super inspiring! The prices are cheap: 500¥/adult and 300¥ if you wanna go to the cup noodle factory were you can make your own custom flavored cup noodles. Super important: check the opening and closing hours, the first night we didn't make it in time (it was closing at 18:00 in September/fall) ALSO if you want to do the Cup Noodles Factory... you have to select a window of time for that and those time slots run out. It's better to go early and reserve for a time that it's convenient for your day(s) in Yokohama

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