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Cup Noodles Museum4.8

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The Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun place to learn about instant ramen noodles with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Among the most popular is the My Cup Noodles Factory workshop, where visitors create their own noodles, choosing broth flavors and toppings, which will be sealed and shrink-wrapped to take home.

The Cup Noodles Park is an athletic course to experience the noodle production procedure, a good attraction for family tourists. There is also a food court styled in an Asian night market, offering noodles from 8 different countries (Italy, Vietnam, China, Korea, etc). The replica of the shed, where instant noodles were invented, and the video theater showing the history will remind you how this food has prevailed over the world in the past 60 years.

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5.0a week ago

It's not a huge attraction, it's a museum with a build your own Cup Noddles. The build your own was a little bit disappointing to me. They only let you put in one of the four flavor powders and four ingredients. I wanted to make the spiciest couple ever but they wouldn't let me mix the curry and the tomato chili together.

They also have a noodle bazaar. They have 10 different noodles that you can try from around the world. I tried the tie noodles the Chinese noodles and the Korean noodles. Some of my party had the Italian noodles. All of the noodles are delicious! This is the best museum Cafe I've ever been to.

3.0a month ago

If you managed to book a reservation, the chicken noodle making workshop could be a fun experience. The other workshop is purely designing your own cup noodle and personally I feel is not worth it, unless you have an insistent child.

As a museum, it does depict how much cup noodles has been redesigned and also has a show on the invention of cup noodles. However, it is brief and only occupies 1 floor of the entire 6 floors of the building. This place is more of a children entertainment centre than a museum.

Overall a place not worth going out of your way unless tagged with a cup noodle-obsessed child or just an item to tick off your list.

5.02 weeks ago

Really cute museum! You can make your own custom cup noodle at the end too but go early and reserve your tjme! The museum is a great mix of fun yet educational. Had a great time as adults there. The noodles were yummy

5.03 months ago

What a lovely experience! The museum has some interesting visuals about the history of cup noodle and its inventor. The best part is making your own noodle.

There are two possible experiences

1) make your own chicken noodles. It takes about 30 minutes and you'll prepare everything from the dough to the packaging. Booking required well in advance, highly recommended even if you don't speak Japanese.

2) make your custom cup noodle, this one can be booked on the day of visit as it only take 10 to 15 minutes, you'll decorate a cup and choose the flavors to be added

4.02 weeks ago

Interesting place to visit. I loved the “make your own noodle cup part the most. Coloring my own cup was a lot of fun.
The bazaar was a little confusing and required too much efforts for too little gain.
The museum was full of people as expected at any Japanese tourist place. And you have to reserve your time slot for the “Make your own cup” activity. Remember the cup you make is not what you eat that day. For lunch go to the fourth floor to the Bazaar.
And please watch the movie, it is free, short and funny when you have the translator in your ear.
Now I know all there is to know about the cup noodle revolution. - I think.

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