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Cat Island (Aoshima)4.4

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For cat loves, there is an small island in Japan where cats are roaming everywhere. This feline paradise, called Aoshima, is located off the coast of Matsuyama city, and inhabited by 15 people and hundreds of cats.

The island can be accessed by ferry and you will be welcome by a huge number of cats at port. They are not afraid of strangers and come close to you and rub their faces against your feet. There are no restaurants or vending machines here, and you should follow one rule: no feeding.

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5.03 weeks ago

Best place on earth !!

1.06 months ago

On a perfectly clear spring day, the ferry decided not to sail to Aoshima because ... "too windy". There were three of us waiting. The captain even made a big show of checking the waves with his binoculars. A total waste of time then.

5.02 months ago

This is what maximum cats looks like.

5.04 months ago

Cats life

5.07 months ago

Cats Cats Cats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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