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Okunoshima (Bunny Island)4.3

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Okunoshima is a small island (4km in circumference) in the Seto Inland Sea, off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. This island is also called Bunny Island because it is inhabited by hundreds of wild rabbits, which originated from a few rabbits brought from outside in 1970s. It is said that these original rabbits were once domesticated at an elementary school outside the island.

Arriving at the island, you will soon be surrounded by a large number of rabbits in search of handouts. Pellet food is available at the inland's inns so you can have a good stroking time with them. If you love rabbits, this is definitely an awesome place to meet cuties and take a relaxing break.

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5.0in the last week

Very interesting place. Definitely worth visiting especially if you are an animal lover. Bring plenty of rabbit food. Not sold on island. The hotel had an onsen. A restaurant and a cafe. There is tempura and ice cream and seafood and Curry and beer pretty much everything needed

5.02 weeks ago

How can you not rate this less than 5 stars? Loved it! One way is 310 yen for the ferry and double for round trip of course. Lots and lots of cute bunnies. No problem bringing food like carrots, cabbage, lettuce but no human food like cookies and processed foods. Just vegetables. I spent about 4 to 5 hrs here.

5.0a week ago

If you like rabbits, being up close with them, and the dark history of japan, this island is for you!

Spent easily 4 hours on the island, and could have stayed longer! Highly recommended

5.0a week ago

Gorgeous island with pristine beaches! There is also a campground for overnight stay if you want to play with the rabbits during the night( Pre-booking required). Very enjoyable experience!

4.02 months ago

So many rabbits live on the island. There are people feeding them but it seems not enough. If you plan to go and feed the rabbits, please bring lots of vegetables or dried grass (maybe 1, 2 cabbages or more 😄).
Most rabbits live near the port. A few live on mountain, far from the port so they get less food. Also, view from the mountain is beautiful, especially it's sunny and sunset.
They sell rabbit food at the house in front of the ferry port to the island, you can have some cute stamps if you buy the food and return the bag to shop officers.

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