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Chion-in Temple4.2

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This grandiose temple in the Higashiyama district is the most popular pilgrimage temple in Kyoto. Chion-in was established in 1234 on the site where Honen, founder of the Jodo ('pure land') sect of Buddhism, passed away. The temple's grounds and buildings were hugely expanded in the early 17th century by the first three generations of the Tokugawa shogun family, who were ardent devotees of this sect.

At the entrance, you will stand in awe of the massive Sanmon gate, 24m tall and 50m wide, which is the largest wooden gate in Japan. The main hall, also expansive, houses a statue of Honen, and a wide open area with stone paths and staircases connects major buildings. The garden behind the main hall is a traditional Japanese garden designed by a monk in the 17th century.

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5.03 months ago

Amazing experience, even though the main building was closed for repairs. There is a nice tour featuring two gardens, several shrines and cemeteries for about 600 yen per person. Also, there was not that many people here

5.0in the last week

first of all, i went to chion-in on new years eve for joya no kane — the ringing of the bell. it was a fantastic experience. please go early (like, before 8:30pm) and dress warmly. we waited in line for 3 hours but it was worth seeing.
we went back on jan 2 during the day. its a climb to get in the normal way, but they do have buses that take people up and down for free!

5.0a month ago

Incredibly packed during the New Years countdown, but a great experience nonetheless. Tons of festival food, noteworthy architecture and views, and opportunities for prayer service.

4.0a week ago

Gorgeous place, its worth watching a ceremony if the Timing fits. If you dont have much time in the City its not a must have though.

5.0a month ago

We joined “New Year Tour” on 1st Jan 2019.
Experienced buddhist prayer tapping “Mokugyo” literally means “wooden fish”, fish shaped wooden gong.
Touched the big belfry which is one of the Japan three biggest belfry.
This belfry is rang 108 times on new years eve from 11pm to 1am.
The bel is so big that 17 monks get their powers to ring it every 1 minute.
It was good tour for the beginning of the year.

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