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Chion-in Temple4.2

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This grandiose temple in the Higashiyama district is the most popular pilgrimage temple in Kyoto. Chion-in was established in 1234 on the site where Honen, founder of the Jodo ('pure land') sect of Buddhism, passed away. The temple's grounds and buildings were hugely expanded in the early 17th century by the first three generations of the Tokugawa shogun family, who were ardent devotees of this sect.

At the entrance, you will stand in awe of the massive Sanmon gate, 24m tall and 50m wide, which is the largest wooden gate in Japan. The main hall, also expansive, houses a statue of Honen, and a wide open area with stone paths and staircases connects major buildings. The garden behind the main hall is a traditional Japanese garden designed by a monk in the 17th century.

Purposespiritual places
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4.05 months ago

A wide, stepped walkway leads to a just and equally impressive gateway to a wide courtyard & the temple. The massive main Buddhist temple is surrounded by several smaller ones around of which some can be entered by the public. There's also an accompanying garden which can be accessed for a fee. Worth the manageable steep walk up. Great place especially in the morning when the crowd is small.

5.06 months ago

My husband's family's ancestors graves and remains lay in here. It's a sacred beautiful place. I highly recommend it. It's the kind of place you'll want to come to have a moment of peace and quiet. Surrounded by luxurious green landscape

3.02 months ago

The grounds are nice but for gaijin I strongly recommend against spending the money to go inside: text and verbal explanations are provided only in Japanese and there is not much to see there.

5.04 months ago

Really a great place!
Not so crowded as other Kyoto shrines. You can really experience the atmosphere of this area.

5.03 months ago

Classic. Big gate. Upstairs the temples are a bit austere but powerful and imposing. Went for the autumn night viewing. Entrance is free btw

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