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Chion-in Temple4.2

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This grandiose temple in the Higashiyama district is the most popular pilgrimage temple in Kyoto. Chion-in was established in 1234 on the site where Honen, founder of the Jodo ('pure land') sect of Buddhism, passed away. The temple's grounds and buildings were hugely expanded in the early 17th century by the first three generations of the Tokugawa shogun family, who were ardent devotees of this sect.

At the entrance, you will stand in awe of the massive Sanmon gate, 24m tall and 50m wide, which is the largest wooden gate in Japan. The main hall, also expansive, houses a statue of Honen, and a wide open area with stone paths and staircases connects major buildings. The garden behind the main hall is a traditional Japanese garden designed by a monk in the 17th century.

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4.02 weeks ago

As beautiful of a shrine as they come in Kyoto. While not the most popular, it's also to its benefit as it doesn't get flooded with tourists as much as the usual hot spots in Kyoto. Unfortunately the main temple is undergoing some work and is expected to only be open by 2020. However, there's still plenty to view on site!

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful and massive Shinto temple and shrine area. I felt quite dwarfed in comparison to some of the large structures. Some of the structures are enormous. The temples are active as well. We heard monks chanting in the background and walking in prayer which was an amazing experience. Definitely worth checking this place out.

5.03 weeks ago

Amazing and beautiful. The entrance with the hanami is outstanding. In the big spaces among the temples and buildings the smell of incense makes you feel very relaxed.

5.03 weeks ago

A truly majestuous temple. A must to visit during day time. And take amazing pictures during the evening.

4.02 months ago

Beautiful if "well loved" by tourists. Allows greater access than most other temples, although be aware religious services are actively held here. Also, be prepared for stairs!

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