Sightseeing information about Magome in Japan.


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Magome was one of the post towns on Nakasendo, which was one of the five main roads in the Edo period(1603-1867). There were 69 post towns on Nakasendo connecting Edo(Tokyo) with Kyoto, but most of them were modernized and lost their traditional way of living. Magome and Tsumago can show you what atmosphere they were in.

Magome has a steep old-fashoned stone street, and old buildings line on the sides of its street, you can enjoy strollong, shopping, and eating local specialities. From the end of the street, you can get magnificent mountain views!

Walking from Magome to Tsumago(about 8km hike) is also highly recommended. You must feel like ancient tourists while you are walking on a paved road in the forests in Kiso Valley!

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