Sightseeing information about Toba in Japan.


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Toba-city is located in the Ise-shima National Park, in the middle of Mie-prefecture, and boats plentiful seafood and beautiful sceneries.

Special attractions:
1) Mikimoto pearl island
Since Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in culturing pearls for the first time in the world, this island has been developed as “Pearl Island.”
2) “Ama” ― professional female divers
You can view female divers’ activities in the seaside, and also enjoy sea food such as abalone, spiny lobsters, shellfish etc.
Some of “Ama” huts, called, "amagoya" provide you with special services: You can put on Ama costume and talk with real Ama divers. You will feel as if you actually became an Ama!

If you are interested in Ama experience, please see this page:

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