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Tsubaki Grand Shrine --- Sanctuary inherited from mythological days
Tsubaki Grand Shrine (Tsubaki Ōkami Yashiro) is located in Suzuka-city, Mie-prefecture, and delicates the main deity, Sarutahiko, his wife Ame-no-Uzume, and other related deities.
There are many ‘shinto’ shrines in Japan, but this shrine has shrine has specific features, which have been well succeeded from ancient time.
According to a mythology, this shrine was initially founded to worship two mountains. After that, it has been developed as a ‘shinto’ shrine, while continuously protecting a specific style of mountain worship. Even today, this shrine provide special ascetic practices such as a purification practice by sitting under a natural waterfall.

Inside the precinct surrounded by the woods, you will see some stones, which have a sacred straw rope and a white paper strip. Such stone have been protected and worshipped from ancient time as a divine object on which deities reside.

It is recommended to stay there to feel some atmospheres of the ancient times.

You will see a traditional style tea ceremony house. It was offered by Konosuke Matsushita, who is a founder of a big electric company, ‘Panasonic.’

This shrine might be known to the USA people, because it has a subsidiary shrine in the state of Washington. (URL: http://www.tsubakishrine.org)

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