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In the 'samurai' warrior period, one of powerful 'samurai,' Gamoh clan build a castle in this town. After that Matsuzaka town had been developed as a castle town.
In the next Edo period, Matsusaka was drastically developed and merchant culture flourished.
Matsusaka merchants launched their shop in Edo (today’s Tokyo), Kyoto and Osaka, to sell their products, Matsusaka cotton fabric and clothing (Japanese traditional clothing, ‘kimono’). Especially in Edo, Matsusaka cotton fabric got so popular among fashion-conscious Edo people.
Matsusaka merchants grew up in Edo, and some of them became a founder of a department store.
Now in Matsusaka merchant town, you can enjoy viewing historical merchant housing, shopping many kinds of products made of Matsuzaka cotton, and feeling atmospheres of the 'samurai' period and the Edo period of Japan.

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