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Gifu Castle is located in Gifu city, On the top of Mount Kinka and along with the Nagara River, it is one of the main symbols of the city. Gifu Castle was first built in 1201. Originally called Inabayama Castle. Later, Dousan SAITO, famous as viper, poisonous snake, took the Castle by force in 1533. After he was killed by his son Yoshitatsu, Nobunaga ODA, the greatest hero in Japanese history and Dosan's son-in-law, attacked Inabayama Castle in 1567. Nobunaga claimed the castle and made it his primary base-of-operations as the future Conqueror of Japan.

Nobunaga renamed the stronghold "Gifu Castle," following an example set by an ancient Chinese practice. Nobunaga then proceeded to renovate the castle into a far more impressive and grandiose structure than its previous incarnation. Luis Frois, a renowned Jesuit Missionary from Portugal, was personally invited by Nobunaga to visit the castle. After a short stay in Gifu, Frois praised the castle's extraordinary beauty.

The current Gifu Castle was built in the 1950s, as the previous castle had been destroyed by the firebombings of the surrounding city during World War II. On the top floor of the castle, an observation deck, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding area, including the Nagara River and Nagoya city. At various points throughout the year, the castle is also open to night viewing, providing an awe-inspiring view of the city.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Gifu Castle, in front of the breathtaking view from the Donjon, and talking about Dosan's and Nobunaga's exiting story.

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