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Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is located in Ueno Park adjacent to the Iga Ueno Castle. The original building is local rich farmer's house in Iga region, famous as Ninja' hiding home. This is not only for kid's favorite place but also for adult's.

Appearance of farmer's thatched house is very ordinary and nondescript, but inside the house, there are many tricks for the defense. Kunoichi-ninja (female ninja) will guide and explain to you the house's secrets and she will demonstrate like Donden-Gaeshi, suddenly hide in the secret place, also secret door mechanism, and things hidden.

You can experience surprising throwing "Shuriken" star-shape knife and Donden-Gaeshi in "Ninjutsu experience Square", also experience Ninjutsu Shinobugu (secret tools). Moreover, there is a real Ninja original goods shop.

This is a spot that we can answer and show you some extent that many foreigner's questions "What is Ninja?". I am looking forward to showing you the secret of Ninja in the "Ninja Museum".

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