Sightseeing information about Gujo-Hachiman in Japan.


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Gujo-Hachiman was founded in the 16th as a castle town of Gujo-Hachiman castle. The town is located in a mountain valley and two rivers, the Nagara River and the Yoshida River, runs next to the town. The town has some fascinating points for tourists.

Firstly, Gujo-Hachiman is a small town but you will find a lot of temples and shrines(13 temples and 4 shrines), so you could feel like being in little Kyoto, surrounded by the beauties of nature.

Secondly, Gujo-Hachiman is known as the old town of water. There are small waterways throughout the town. Surprisingly, the water is so clear that you can even drink it in some waterways. The water has been used by people in the town in the daily lives for washing vegetables, laundry, and extinguishing fires.

Thirdly, Gujo-Hachiman is very famous for Gujo-Odori or the Bon dance festival(Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of our ancestors in summer). Gujo-Odori is believed that it started about 400 years ago. The festival is held from the mid of July to early September(32 nights). The peak of the festival is during the 4 days of Bon(August 13 to 16), and the dances continue all night. What is the most attractive is anyone who likes to can join Gujo-Odori! That's why as many as 300,000 people come to this small town every summer. You will experience fantastic nights in Gujo-Hachiman!

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