Ruins of Iwamura Castle

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The beginning of the castle dates back to approximately 800 years ago when the Samurai warriors assumed political power in the country. It is said that the impregnable stonewalls on the hill top, which made the castle protective, was constructed around 450 years ago during the Sengoku period. Iwamura Castle is believed to be invulnerable with its natural fort utilizing the steep terrain and the robust stonewalls. It is one of Japan's three major mountain castles, and is located at the highest point (717 meters above sea) among the three.

Walk through the castle town and you will be at the entrance of the hill that connects to castle. It is the starting point to the grand "Iwamura Castle" which is constructed at the summit of a 717 meter-high hill. Start your 30 min-walk to get to the stonewall of the Honmaru (main enclosure of the castle). The cobbled road along the hill has a good taste. Feel the ancient history of this area and its rich natural resources while walking up. You will encounter various remains of gates, Yagura (surveillance tower) and bridges, along with a number of robust stonewalls.

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