The castle town of Iwamura

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The castle town of Iwamura4.0

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Hop on to the local train to enjoy Japan's most magnificent view of the farm village while travelling up to the castle town of Iwamura.

The old village welcomes you first before reaching to the Iwamura Castle. If you get hungry on your way, get something sweet. Roasted chestnut, Kankara-mochi (sweetened rice cake with sesame powder, red bean paste, and roasted soybean flour), Gohei-mochi (rice skewered in a flat stick with sweet sauce), and castella (a sponge cake which was brought in to Japan over four centuries ago from Portugal) are suggested choices.

Interested in historical architecture and old traditional housings? We recommend you to visit the Kanou-ke, Katsukawa-ke, Tosa-ya, and Kimura-ke. Ancient buildings of the Edo period and historical records are preserved. Have a glimpse of how people lived during those days.

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