Ogaki, a historic city of water

Sightseeing information about Ogaki, a historic city of water in Japan.

Ogaki, a historic city of water4.0

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The city of Ogaki, located in Gifu Prefecture, is known for its long history related to "Okuno Hosomichi" written by Matsuo Basho and the Battle of Sekigahara. It is also famous for its rich water resources, therefore is called the "city of water, Ogaki".

Starting your foot trip from JR Ogaki station allows you to have a healthy walk, while relishing the city's tradition and water that runs along the town. You will also have a chance to get to know about the Japanese history, and that is why Ogaki is a tourist area that we recommend to many people. A couple of hours will be enough to make a quick tour. You may also spend the whole day in Ogaki by signing up for the "make your own Masu cup (wooden sake cup)" course and looking around the city at your pace. Travelling on foot will allow you to feel the historic and aquatic atmosphere that embraces the city. Fun and healthy; walking around Ogaki is recommendable to people of all ages.

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