Arimatsu, a town of Shibori tie-dyeing

Sightseeing information about Arimatsu, a town of Shibori tie-dyeing in Japan.

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During the early Edo period, Arimatsu was a village of Chaya (tea houses), which expanded between the Narumi-shuku and Chiryu-no-shuku along the Tokaido route. The term "Shuku" is also called "Shukuba" and served as posting stations along the Tokaido. Its biggest role was to transport government goods and correspondence materials to the next Shukuba.

People in the area found it hard to earn a living just by running the Chaya shops, thus started the Shibori tie-dyeing as a side business. This gained popularity and has become the area's industry until today by creating a history. Feel the atmosphere of Edo by walking along the street as if you were one of the travelers of the time.

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