Yunoyama-Onsen Hot Spa

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The Yunoyama Onsen hot spring is believed to have been discovered by a Buddhist priest named Jyokun in 718 (Yourou 2) through the prophecy from Yakushi-nyorai (Medicine Buddha). The hot spring is also known as "Shika-no-yu" based on the legend that an injured deer ("shika" in Japanese) cured himself in the hot spring. Spring quality is alkaline radium, and is effective for gastrointestinal disease, neuralgia, and traumatic injury. There are a number of hot spring facilities at the foot of Mount Gozaisho.

Various hotels and inns can be found in the Yunoyama Onsen area. Enjoy the soothing hot spring and local cuisine at one of the traditional hotels. Although Yunoyama Onsen is located in the mountains, dishes served at the hotel are mainly seafood as the area is also close to the Ise Bay.

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