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This futuristic metallic building, a symbolic landmark of the Obaiba district, is the headquarters of Fuji TV. The 25-story building has a huge silver ball on top, 30m in diameter, which serves as an observatory to view this waterfront area. The building has many studios where much of the TV network's programs are filmed.

The ground floor is a shopping mall with an atrium, and the 7-floor rooftop is a space used for events and live stage shows. The 5th floor a promotion area, displaying plenty of photos, props and exhibits related to the network's major programs. From the street level, a tube-shaped escalator or a wide 100m-long staircase can be used to reach upper floors.

Purposesightseeing,shopping,let's hang out!
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3.03 weeks ago

Went to watch the recording of a music show in which a colleague's daughter was taking part. Although we enjoyed the show, overall experience wasn't satisfactory, primarily because there were only a few places to sit. We watched the one hour show standing. For 2,000 per person, I expected at least that.

5.02 weeks ago

I came here for 2 reasons, Digimon Nostalgia, and the Observatory. I didn't pass by other towers in Tokyo as I didn't feel it was worth the cost or the time, especially if it would be bombarded with other tourists, but this was a great alternative. You can see both towers, the skyline of tokyo, the water, bridge and boats etc. People are around to guide you to each area as well. There are seats where you can just sit and enjoy the view. After, you are also allowed to look at one of their recording studios and there's a few other interesting things to see and read in the hallways, such as an electronic camera that shows you what the current view looked like compared to many years back. I think it was worth the money...but perhaps its just me being a Digimon fan and this building is very iconic and nostalgic to me anyways XD

5.0a month ago

Amazing building which has a set of small shops inside (on the ground floor). Above this is the enterable to the viewing platform inside the large ball structure. This gives a 270degree view, including the Tokyo Bay, Downtown Tokyo and Mount Fuji on a clear day.

2.0a month ago

The only reason to come here is the panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline. The touristic part of the building just need some modern upgrade. Everything feels and smells so old already...

5.0a month ago

Subarashi! Great view of Tokyo at the observation deck! There are LOTS of souvenirs to buy, both at the observation deck and at the bottom floor. If you like the manga/animes Dragonball or One piece you should come here and check out the available merchandise!

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