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This futuristic metallic building, a symbolic landmark of the Obaiba district, is the headquarters of Fuji TV. The 25-story building has a huge silver ball on top, 30m in diameter, which serves as an observatory to view this waterfront area. The building has many studios where much of the TV network's programs are filmed.

The ground floor is a shopping mall with an atrium, and the 7-floor rooftop is a space used for events and live stage shows. The 5th floor a promotion area, displaying plenty of photos, props and exhibits related to the network's major programs. From the street level, a tube-shaped escalator or a wide 100m-long staircase can be used to reach upper floors.

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5.0a week ago

Fantastic view of the Rainbow Bridge and the entire Tokyo Skyline from the observatory upstairs. The entry fee is extremely cheap compared to many other locations in the city, and it is nowhere near as crowded as other observatories. Definitely a must-do photo opp for city photographers.

4.0a week ago

Not that it's disappointing but it's not something to visit on purpose. If you're in Odaiba you might as well come here and spend some time looking at Odaiba's attractions and the unusual cityscape. Apart from Rainbow Bridge and the sea, I enjoyed the view on the nearby huge shopping mall, road junctions and parking with many levels. the cars all look so tiny from above, you can imagine you see a game scene.

5.0a month ago

All their iconic cartoon characters are discussed here & so are their broadcasters. Aerial view from up here is fantastic. Architecturally well designed building. Very worth visiting.

4.03 months ago

I went when they were having the odaiba summer festival. Very lively! Very easy to get to and many access points. They have some cool free tours and lots of restaurants and malls around.

5.0a month ago

This is the great place to visit if you are in Tokyo. It's nice to see characters on TV. I used to watch when I was younger.

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