Gujo Hachiman Castle

Sightseeing information about Gujo Hachiman Castle in Japan.

Gujo Hachiman Castle4.0

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Gujo Hachiman Castle soars on the top of a mountain just behind the town of Gujo Hachiman. This castle is a reconstruction and it is the oldest reconstruction of middle age castle by using wood.

You can climb up to the castle by car or on foot.

This castle is especially beautiful in late autumn aroud November because of the changing colors of the foliage on mountain slope.

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4.02 months ago

Gujo Hachiman is a great 400yr old castle with lots of history to tell you. You can reach it via car (with parking lot) or walking through a beautiful nature trail. The place itself offers a variety of pretty sceneries, some historical objects distributed through 3 floors (it can be very boring for kids thou). Bathrooms only in the parking lot. ENJOY!

3.0a month ago

The castle could be half an hour uphill walk from the town centre. Taxis weren't that many, luckily we were in the Tourist information office at that time and the friendly staff managed to book one for us.. We found the Castle was not that interesting, however, the view of Gujo Hachiman town from above made the visit worthwhile.

4.02 months ago

Beautiful castle in Takayama known as Gujo Hachiman. Excellent drive up to the door step of the castle. It's a one way street up to and down from the castle and a small compact car is preferred!

5.05 months ago

Very scenic 400 year old historic castle. You can drive up to the door of the castle up the hill but the drive up is very very narrow and steep. We drove an 8 seater up there and the bends were very tight. we had to reverse a couple of times to make it around the bends.

There is a nice scene of the town below and a place to take photos of the castle.

4.02 months ago

Nice Castle on the hill... Great views but thats pretty much all there is to it

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