Sightseeing information about jidayuu in Japan.


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Purposeshould go,experience,reasonable,let's hang out!
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5.012 months ago

Absolutely stunning park with the feel of old Japan. Definitely have to bring your lunch and stay for a while.

5.0a year ago

Interesting place, which I only found because I visited nearby Toho studios. I researched maps a bit and I found this place, it contains of several old traditional Japanese farmhouses and there are even some descriptions in English, as far as I remember. The farmhouse with plum trees in bloom hanging just over it is very photogenic.

5.010 months ago

It's nice place for BbQ

5.02 years ago

This’s an excellent demonstration of old style Japanese living and building construction.
Really enjoyed walking around this exhibit and looking at the various things on display.

5.02 years ago

Good place for playing with kids. Please, let all creatures go after catching them!

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