Mt. Fuji Subashiriguchi-tozandou

Sightseeing information about Mt. Fuji Subashiriguchi-tozandou in Japan.

Mt. Fuji Subashiriguchi-tozandou3.9

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Mt. Fuji Subashiriguchi-tozandou

Subashiriguchi-tozandou has a long history, crowded with many climbers especially during the Edo period.
Compared to the other trailheads it has abundant foliage, beyond the mountain trail blessed with greenery seasonal flowers and wild birds delight climbers.
Mountain Lodge located at each point is at the best position to keep pace of climbing, which is also an appeal of Subashiriguchi that it is able to safely climb from the elderly to small children.
If the weather's good, you can also see with the naked eye the panoramic view of the Tokyo sky tree Tower, the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the Suruga Bay views.
But above all, the feature of Subashiriguchi is that you can view the rising sun even from the middle of the trail, and can be said to be the best recommended trailhead.

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5.03 weeks ago

This trail was maintained, shaded parts of the way, and had consistent huts/stops every hour or so from the 5th station to the summit. During season there are bathrooms for ¥200 and water ¥500 at available at almost all of the huts. If you finish while you’re at the stop then they will take the trash back so you don’t have to hike with it. I think this was probably a bit more strenuous than other routes, but not crowded and great photo opps along the way.

5.0a year ago

Beautiful trail with great tree cover for the first third. We went off season, which was great. Tough to go up and down in a day, but certainly manageable if you have decent fitness and are used to altitude. I would recommend bringing oxygen

5.0a year ago

Quite hard trial but worth using this trail as its filled with greenery.

4.02 years ago

It's a good challenge, and not very crowded!

5.02 years ago

The majesty of sacred Fuji-san is breath taking, both from its beauty and paucity of oxygen bear the summit ;) This route begins in the forest. Start before 6am and beat the crowds. A must in your lifetime.

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