Ougiya Ryokan

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Ougiya Ryokan3.0

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Pride in dishes using mushrooms and edible wild plants.

By car: Gotemba IC - Route 138 towards Yamanashi for about 25 minutes, 3 minutes after Suganuma IC exit
About 25 minutes from the Suganuma intersection of National Road 246 to Suganuma area

By bus: 1 minute walk from "Suganuma Asama Shrine" bus stop

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9.3km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

Subashiri Ryokan, the inn closest to the trailhead.
Since the extension and renovation are repeated, there is a considerable difference between the new room and the old room. However, the size of the bath is sufficient and you can take a leisurely bath. The dining room and lobby are also large, and it is a large space compared to other inns.

1.0a year ago

It is an old-fashioned retro inn.
Honestly ☆ is 1.5 😅
However, it seems that infection control and modernization are OK, such as having Wi-Fi and a disinfectant cleaner in the room. The low ratings were that Wi-Fi wasn't available in my room and that the toilet seat was hot enough to burn and yellow the surface of the toilet seat.
When I complained about Wi-Fi, I checked the front of the room and was told that there was no problem. I agree with that point, but I couldn't use it because there were no burrs in the room, and I was closed by the heat of the toilet seat.
I feel like I should cure this point and become 1.5 stars.
I don't want to stay.

5.010 months ago

I use it at the official (competition officer) work inn, but the large communal bath where you can see Mt. Fuji is the best !! The food is delicious, so I recommend it 😊

5.02 years ago

My regular lodging that will always demonstrate the hospitality of Psycho.

I really like how good the rice is.

After all ... morning bath is more than anything, but only men.

I dare keep it secret. Lol

5.02 years ago

Location, the room is clean, meal was particularly good

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