Daishingaku Ryokan

Sightseeing information about Daishingaku Ryokan in Japan.

Daishingaku Ryokan3.0

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By car: Gotemba IC – National Route 138 towards Yamanashi for about 25 minutes, Subashiri IC exit 3 minutes
About 25 minutes from the Suganuma intersection of National Road 246 to Subashiri area

By bus: 0 minute walk from "Subashiri-naka" bus stop

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9.2km) Google Transit


4.02 years ago

The staff will be happy to welcome you. The morning bath is also very comfortable.

3.04 years ago

It was old, but the food was delicious

5.0a year ago

Thank you for the hospitality of the inn!

2.04 years ago

3.02 years ago

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