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Guesthouse Maruyama3.0

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The gymnasium is available.

By Car: Gotemba IC – National Route 138 towards Yamanashi for about 25 minutes, about 5 minutes after Kuroba IC exit
Bu bus: 2 minute walk from "Subashiri Shako-mae" bus stop

TEL 0550-75-2656

Capacity 32 people

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9km) Google Transit


5.06 months ago

They helped me get room accommodations even though it was late in the night. I had to checkout of my room at 09:00 am but I did not know it was so early. At 10:00 am I was politely asked to checkout, with no hard feelings. Everyone I met was very nice. The restaurant is popular in the evening but everything was quiet and restful throughout the night.

4.04 months ago

It's not a hotel or an inn, it's a family-run inn. Since it is the lowest price class in this area, there are some restrictions and shortages. If you know it as "such a thing" in advance, you will be comfortable without any inconvenience or dissatisfaction. I am satisfied because I was able to spend my time comfortably.
I used a Western-style room. Is the room about 6 tatami mats? You may feel narrow, but calm down. The room has air conditioning and TV but no fridge or kettle. You can hear the sound outside the room, but it doesn't bother me if you think so.
Even when using the room for consecutive nights, the room could not be used during the daytime, and an extra charge of 500 yen was required in the name of electricity bill. However, it is said that the circumstances of work will be taken into consideration, so it may be better to consult with us for the time being.
The bath is large, and the bathtub is large enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people. It seems that a spare bathroom can be opened depending on the number of guests. I didn't know the details, but I feel that the bathroom is shared with the inn owner's family. It's not particularly inconvenient, but sometimes the bathroom was in use even when there were no guests other than myself.
Since I stayed without meals, I didn't eat the meal at the guest house. There is a cafeteria and a ramen shop nearby, so I didn't have to worry about where to eat.

1.0a month ago

Dirt is floating in the bath, and the futon is covered with house dust. Besides, it is expensive. Anything is charged. Vending machines are alcohol only. Will never come again

1.0a month ago

When I put out the futon, the house dust was very stuffy. The bath is dirty. There is no microwave oven or refrigerator.

5.0a year ago

I recommend cheap and delicious meals.

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