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Guesthouse Maruyama3.0

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The gymnasium is available.

By Car: Gotemba IC – National Route 138 towards Yamanashi for about 25 minutes, about 5 minutes after Kuroba IC exit
Bu bus: 2 minute walk from "Subashiri Shako-mae" bus stop

TEL 0550-75-2656

Capacity 32 people

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9km) Google Transit


5.02 months ago

They helped me get room accommodations even though it was late in the night. I had to checkout of my room at 09:00 am but I did not know it was so early. At 10:00 am I was politely asked to checkout, with no hard feelings. Everyone I met was very nice. The restaurant is popular in the evening but everything was quiet and restful throughout the night.

4.0a week ago


1.09 months ago

I stayed for 3 nights for more than 10,000 per night, but the food was really miserable.
Supper is a retort hamburger steak, chilled cutlet, and chilled fried chicken.
It wasn't an exaggeration, but it was a slam dunk.
Too much omission. The fried food will be unsold for lunch at the side dish shop.

Breakfast time was around 6 o'clock, forced to match the eating time of other business travelers. It's too early.

Even though the bath says that you can take a bath for 24 hours, it was a cold bath whether you went in the evening or in the morning. A level that is too cold to enter. You can put it in after dinner.
Even if you stay consecutive nights, you will be forced to leave the inn from 9:00 to 16:00. 24 hours a day.

There is no tea set, pot, refrigerator or yukata in the room.

And I have been refuting the following to my review of this inn, Rakuten Travel.
What's more, at first it's a bland lesson so that it doesn't get caught in the notification to the user, and later it's secretly rewritten to the counter-argument. Everything is malicious, this inn.
The counterargument is crap again.

> Was the reason why you booked 3 consecutive nights separately for each day was to write 3 reviews?
・ To utilize coupons & increase regional common coupons. It's stupid.

> I'm really sorry that the food was cold.
・ It's not a level even if it's cold. It was cold. It gets cold to the core. I kept it in the refrigerator.

> Didn't you know the breakfast time? Did you force this?
・ I wonder if you were able to meet my request because other customers would eat at 6 o'clock.

> Did you say that you can take a bath for 24 hours?
・ I was singing. It was clearly stated in the reservation email.

> There are various rules for our convenience, such as no tea, no refrigerator, amenity such as yukata, and extra charge for daytime use for consecutive nights.
There is no choice but to use it after you have read it carefully and are satisfied with it.
・ If you want to be convinced, please state all that fact. Isn't it partly secret? I don't know until I enter the room and read the guide, but w

> You will never use it again, but please use a good facility next time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
・ It's really annoying. Existence itself is a big nuisance. Disappear.

5.0a year ago

I recommend cheap and delicious meals.

4.010 months ago

The grilled meat for dinner was voluminous and delicious.

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