Sightseeing information about Sankyu-sou in Japan.


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Proud of dishes using real Hon-wasabi.

Car: 15 minutes from Gotemba IC to Premium Outlet / Ashigara direction
Bus: 0 minute walk from "Sankyu-sou mae"

TEL 0550-76-1039 / 0550-76-1575

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 2.2km) Google Transit


2.010 months ago

Used for dinner in the district. To be honest, the food is not so good and there is no main dish, so why not eat wasabi bowl?
It seemed like a loose meal.

4.0a year ago

Wasabi bowl was delicious.
The restaurant is only open on weekdays for lunch.

4.06 months ago

Wasabi is delicious

5.02 years ago

Close to Gotemba Outlet, Sakura is very beautiful.
I want to go again because the food is so delicious.

4.02 years ago

The hotel is located in a blessed natural environment, and the time to see the flowers is wonderful.

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