Sightseeing information about Wasabi in Japan.


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Wasabi (true wife species) made in Oyama town is a good-quality brand that is highly regarded by a selected few.
This is a masterpiece that cultivated over two years with abundant spring water from Mt. Fuji, and satisfies the taste buds of handling chefs and consumers.
Due to rarity the production volume is small, it is mainly shipped in high-class restaurants and sushi restaurants in big cities around Tokyo.
Umami, spiciness, pleasantness, each and every point can be referred as "the King of Wasabi".

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 1.1km) Google Transit


3.03 weeks ago

I went to get my family register, but there was something wrong with the counter.
I hit both the pleasant one and the arrogant one.
It doesn't feel good to be able to bring things like "I'm doing it because it's my job".
Every government office is similar.

1.0a month ago

The response is quite different depending on the section.
last year. When I went to apply for my number, he was very kind to me. The other day, I went to the Life Safety Division, but there was a very arrogant woman who made me feel very uncomfortable. It was very unpleasant to just order the payment without a proper, easy-to-understand explanation. I was able to understand it by receiving explanations from other people in an easy-to-understand manner, but even if the staff knows the procedure flow and details of the government office, I do not know this, so I would like you to explain it clearly and properly. I can't think of why I talk from such an upper perspective.

1.0a month ago

I was disappointed when I was told that I was looking from above. When I called before moving, I felt that all of them were good people, but as soon as I moved, my attitude changed. It may depend on the person, but it's very disappointing.

5.04 months ago

Everyone was kind and kind 🎵 Thank you ☀️

5.07 months ago

I asked because it was necessary. The staff was very kind. Thank you very much! I want this to happen at every government office

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