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Fujisan-koi (Kobayashi textile printing factory)2.8

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Utilizing its rich water, Kobayashi textile printing factory handles various dyed goods.
Carp streamers called Fujisan-koi, hand-painted and carefully made one by one, shipped nationwide as a lucky item for a celebration gift for birth of a baby boy.
At the Hokusun district, the custom to stand not only carp but also climbing flags still exist, there are also many flags dyed with child's name and family crest to be seen, and there are houses that put names and family crests in the wind stream.
In addition to those hoisted up outdoors, they also produce a variety of dyed goods such as flags to decorate indoors with Boys' May Festival dolls, T shirts utilizing dyeing techniques, tote bags, etc. and will also respond to original designs.
It is attractive that it can be done in about one week from the order.

TEL 0550-78-0522

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4.03 years ago

Bags made from carp streamer can be purchased at Road Station. The studio feels craftsmanship. I was kind and polite.

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