Pickled Mizukakena

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Pickled Mizukakena (Mizukakena-zuke)3.1

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In the crisp cold air, you can see people picking Mizukakena in the paddy fields of Oyama.
One by one, hand-picking the soft "tou" part, "Pickled Mizukakena" is made by pickling with only salt in that day, you can say it is a blessing produce representing Oyama Town.
Mizukakena was actively cultivated as an off-season crop of rice paddies, it was also a valuable source of vitamins in the winter season where there were less vegetables.
Not only is this still a spring tradition townspeople cannot miss to feel early spring, but also the slight bitter taste and moderate saltiness, above all the fresh crunchy texture that no other leafs have has called popularity, it is a specialty produce with repeaters throughout the country.
Many people use not only JA and the road stations, but also direct shipping from individual farmers.

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