Gotenba Koshihikari

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Gotenba Koshihikari (variety of rice)3.4

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"Gotoba Koshihikari" developed in accordance with Hokusun area where the climate is cool and there is a drastic change in temperature, is now the prefecture's premier brand rice.
Regional farmers are working on the production of good tasting rice with a motto at "Quality than quantity", and are promoting the production of ecologically cultivated rice, mainly reducing consumer and environmentally conscious chemical fertilizer and reduced pesticide. Every year the seed rice is renewed so the quality and taste do not deteriorate and traceability management is also perfect.
The rice to which the producer are confident selling, is a very popular item even at the train station.
There are delightful compliments such as "I came again this year to buy the delicious rice made by ○○".

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