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Rainbow Trout (Nijimasu)2.9

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At the only Trout farm in town the Sugawa fish farm, we specialize in "fish that can be safely eaten like non-pesticide vegetables" using no chemical agents, take an integrated production system that does everything from oviposition to fostering.
Fostering only edible rainbow trout as a specialty, "Kintaro Masu (Kintaro trout)" brand has gained popularity from restaurants and ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants) in various places, but the producers continues to make progress at all times, such as devising new products one after another.
Fillet carpaccio is particularly popular as just like salmon rainbow trout can be eaten as sashimi, and soy marinated salmon roe (ikura) also has many fans.
We also conduct mail order sales as "Kintaro Osakana Honpo", so we would like everyone to try the deliciousness that breaks down the concept of rainbow trout to date.

TEL 0550-76-0105

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5.04 months ago

The receptionist's sister is cheerful and kind ✨
Rainbow trout is also delicious.
I don't go fishing, I always buy it and go home.

4.04 years ago

For now, rainbow trout fishing pond. The toilet is clean. Anyway, you can catch both children and adults. Feeding fishing rods are free, so you can go empty-handed. 1kg is about 5 animals and 1700 yen including rod fee and food fee The excess is 1400 yen for 1kg. Eight fish were 2800 yen. Because the water was beautiful, the river fish smell was delicious.

3.02 years ago

The owner was kind and the water quality was good, but the state of sacrifice was a bit disappointing. There are no stones or aquatic plants, so I only eat almost all the food given. Just about 30 dogs on the water with a spit! I will gather. It responds to the lure, but it can not be eaten unless it is a guy with considerable motivation. The rest is a ban on frying ... It was a shock to me of the local fly fisher.

3.02 years ago

4.03 years ago

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