Fuji no Megumi

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Fuji no Megumi2.7

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The biggest blessing in Fuji is likewise "water".
A commodity water made as it is named "Fuji no Megumi".
Since it is a simple product of bottling water pumped up from Subashiri's water resource, we would like you to feel the taste directly with your tongue and throat.
500ml 150 yen.
Deal at roadside stations in town and liquor stores.

TEL 0550-75-2119

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 5.2km) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

This place is awesome! Subarashi! Fresh produce can be found here. I bought the sweetest and juiciest peaches that I have ever placed in my mouth. Wow! All of the vegetables and fruits on display looked fresh and delicious. おいしい
Prices are moderate and well worth the value for its products. There is ample amount of parking. Come on in.

5.02 years ago

Great views of mount fuji here.

5.03 years ago

I love this shop and restaurant. You can buy so many cool things you will not find in Tokyo. They have a big green tea selection from the mount Fuji area. Beautiful packed alcohols and sweets like mochis and cookies. Staff does not speak English at all. You can pay per credit card. Toilets are free and clean.They have an outdoor parking stress for free. Staff is friendly. I recommend gin there if you are around the mount Fuji area and you want to buy presents and try japanese foods.

4.02 years ago

Great service.
Very clean.

4.03 years ago

Best area for stop driver

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