Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka

Sightseeing information about Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka in Japan.

Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka3.4

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Oyama town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Good Brand Recommended Item.
Black like a bear Dorayaki with bamboo charcoal, and Monaka named after Kintaro.

TEL 0550-76-0124

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 1.1km) Google Transit


5.09 months ago

There is a candy store called candy store, and of course there are various sweets such as rice crackers.
Every time I came to visit the grave, I always bought a candy ball and walked to Honrenji Temple, and on the way back, I had three cups of eel-heavy soba mugs at the next eel shop Iroha, and it was a good time. Take a hot spring and enjoy paradise 😃

4.06 months ago

Kumadora is the best 😃⤴️⤴️

5.02 years ago

I love dorayaki here and I always buy it

5.02 years ago

Dorayaki was very delicious.

4.04 years ago

It is an old Japanese sweet shop with Oyama town.
It's in the corner of a busy shopping street, so it's easy to overlook and pass by.
The shop name is "Ameya", but it does not seem to sell candy. (Lol)
It is a Japanese confectionery shop, but it seems to be selling western confectionery as it is a small town.
When asked about the recommendation, the shop first introduced "Kintaro's bear dough" after Kintaro, "Mt. Fuji top bun" and "Kinki no Naka" after Mt. Fuji.
Is it a famous shop with colored papers and photos of celebrities displayed in the store?
`` Kintaro's Bear Dola Outlet Product '' has bamboo charcoal kneaded in the dough, but the taste of charcoal is rather light, so instead of bean jam, `` honey and margarine '' are included There is a gentle Western-style flavor.
"Kinki no Naka" is a feeling that the sweetness is modest.
"Walnut buns, Mt. Fuji summit buns" have walnuts kneaded into the bean paste and have a crunchy texture.
"Nikki Manju" has a nice taste of Nikki for a while, even after you finish eating it with "Nikki Manju" kneaded into the skin and the texture of the light-skinned and crisp skin is "soft" is.