Lord Fujiwara Mitsuchika grave

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At the Jokyu uprising (Jyokyu-no-hen, also known as the Jokyu Disturbance) (Jokyu era 3 (1221)), at the attempt of Hojo clan subjugation by retired Emperor Gotoba, Lord Fujiwara Mitsuchika prematurely reported to the throne but they did not listen, so decided to write a proposal for pursuing Yoshiyoshi at inevitable time.
The conspiracy was leaked out first at Kamakura, and Mitsuchika who participated in the conspiracy got captured, and under escort on the way to Kamakura, at Kagosakatoge Pass, it is told that he was beheaded by Kai Takeda Goro Nobumitsu.
Since then the graveyard has been protected by the people of Subashiri, and a memorial service is held every May.

Car: about 35 minutes from Gotemba IC-National Road No.138 to Yamanashi direction

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 12.1km) Google Transit


5.0a year ago

It’s Kagosaka pass. no view.

3.02 months ago

The pass that became the course of the Olympic road race
There is also a bus stop.

2.06 months ago

Just a pass. The view is not good either.

3.06 months ago

In winter, it is the boundary where it does not snow, and in the summer, it is the boundary where it does not rain ❗️

3.09 months ago

I went to the park graveyard for bones.

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