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November Hōei era 4 (1707), the so-called Hōei eruption buried 59 villages at the base in sand.
The Kanto-Gundai of the time Ina Hanzaemon Tadanubu undertook construction of sediment, however the construction was deferred again and again due to starvation, Hanzaemon with determination, opened a rice storehouse at Sunpu-Kouyamachi and distributed 13 thousand koku crop yield of rice to the villages.
The population were encouraged by this, and resurrected the post-town 2 years later in Subashiri, Hanzaemon was dismissed for the crime of Kaizo, later took his own life committing disembowelment.
To commemorate achievements and virtues of rescuing the Hokusun district, built a small hokora (shrine) at Keio era 3 (1867), moved to the present location on October 1957, there are regularly held festival in spring and autumn.

Access by Car: 25 minutes from Gotemba IC to National Route No.138 towards Yamanashi, about 4 minutes off Subashiri IC

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 8.9km) Google Transit


5.02 months ago

It is a shrine of Tadashi Ina Hanzaemon, who became seppuku after being involved in the reconstruction by sharing the rice brewed by the Shogunate for the people who starved for the volcanic ash that had accumulated during the Hoei eruption of Mt. Fuji in 1907. It's a great person. On the stone pillar, Mikuriya's father, the shrine is small, but the free parking lot is large, the toilet is in front of the shrine, passes through the torii gate, and is on the right side. It is the Hoei crater made by a large eruption.

3.02 months ago

This shrine was established in honor of Mr. Ina, who was the deputy officer at the time of the Hoei eruption, for his efforts to save the people in the affected areas. Although it is a tragic event of the eruption, it seems that it is not well known, so I would like you to visit it together with your visit to Subashiri Asama Shrine.

5.02 years ago

Mt. Fuji erupted, and the area around the Susado was filled with volcanic ash, making it impossible for people to live. It is this Ina-sama who worked for the reconstruction by the order of the Shogunate. I will always visit you.

5.03 years ago

The hero who once saved the kitchen area by turning upside down when Mt. Fuji erupted ... Can such wisdom be brought out when he stands in the same position?

5.02 years ago

It is a shrine that revives the Shogunate of the shogunate that was in danger of being destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Fuji in Hoei.

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