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November Hōei era 4 (1707), the so-called Hōei eruption buried 59 villages at the base in sand.
The Kanto-Gundai of the time Ina Hanzaemon Tadanubu undertook construction of sediment, however the construction was deferred again and again due to starvation, Hanzaemon with determination, opened a rice storehouse at Sunpu-Kouyamachi and distributed 13 thousand koku crop yield of rice to the villages.
The population were encouraged by this, and resurrected the post-town 2 years later in Subashiri, Hanzaemon was dismissed for the crime of Kaizo, later took his own life committing disembowelment.
To commemorate achievements and virtues of rescuing the Hokusun district, built a small hokora (shrine) at Keio era 3 (1867), moved to the present location on October 1957, there are regularly held festival in spring and autumn.

Access by Car: 25 minutes from Gotemba IC to National Route No.138 towards Yamanashi, about 4 minutes off Subashiri IC

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 8.9km) Google Transit


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