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Monument of professor emeritus of University of Chicago and anthropologist Frederick Starr who visited Japan 15 times in the Meiji era to early Showa era for Ainu studies.
Doctor who dearly loved Japan, had a strong admiration to Mt. Fuji, repeatedly ascend Mt. Fuji.
On the other hand wearing a five star crest haori (short Japanese overgarment) and Sendaihira hakama (Japanese formal divided skirt) with white tabi socks, since he made a good luck charm written “Starr(寿多有)” and pilgrimage temples and shrines all over Japan he was said “Dr. good luck charm (お札博士-Ofuda Hakase)”.
He died in Japan at 1933, in compliance with his will “I want rest in peace where Mt. Fuji can be seen”, his ashes lay at his beloved Subashiri, and the tombstone was built with the efforts of his friends and innkeepers.
The letters engraved on the tombstone is written by Tokutomi Sohou, testifying greatness of Dr.’s popularity and interaction with others.

Access by Car: 25 minutes from Gotemba IC to National Route No.138 towards Yamanashi, about 2 minutes off Subashiri IC

Airport/Sta.Gotemba St. (about 9.5km) Google Transit


3.02 years ago

I went by bicycle !! I got a punk !! Moth

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There is a stone monument and an explanation board

2.03 years ago

It is hard to understand and there is no parking. Walk from Road Station.

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Ordinary stone monument

5.03 years ago

A monument to Dr. Stahl, known as Dr. Suda, related to Japan and Subashiri

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