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Along the "Kintaro Fujimi Line", and this is one of the photographing points of Mt. Fuji.
From an atmosphere that will make people want to shout out unintentionally toward Mt. Fuji, which towers greatly before your eyes, this hill was named "Oath Hill".
It is also popular as a power spot with the saying that if you ring the "bell of oath" set on the hill and lock a heart-shaped monument, that oath will always be fulfilled.
There is the "Literature monument of Jiro Nitta" who loved Mt. Fuji, and it is bustling with people as a place for relaxation and refreshment for hikers.
Many cameramen visit this place in spring and autumn to shoot "Diamond Fuji".

Access by Car: Oyama Town Office - Prefectural road Route 365 (Kintaro Fujimi Line) towards Kanagawa for about 15 minutes

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 1.8km) Google Transit


5.09 months ago

You can see the magnificent Mt. Fuji unobstructed.
There is a parking lot and a nice arbor, so if you visit this area, you should definitely stop by.
However, there are many curves and steep slopes on the road, so please be careful and try to drive safely.

5.06 months ago

Simply great. Well placed and executed. Add some coin barbecues and it's an ideal community space.

3.0a year ago

It was closed

4.0in the last week

Recommended for dates.
Twilight time is recommended. There is also a toilet so you can rest assured.
When shooting from a parking lot or a hill, the trees you are planting will get jammed. So I recommend the space where you got off a little. However, the altitude will be a little lower.
If you just want to take a photo and you like the view from here, we recommend going up a little.

5.02 weeks ago

As an astronomical observation site, the sky has a wide field of view, and the north-south sky is quite dark. To the west is a starry view of Mt. Fuji and Gotemba. Since the south is in the direction of Hakone, you can take a picture of the Milky Way. Red Fuji in the morning. Diamond Fuji in the evening of February and September.
There is a beautiful toilet installed in 2020.
The lights on the bench went off at 20:00, and the lights turned on automatically in the toilet.
The altitude is about 630m and access is good. You can also meet deer along the way.

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