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Along the "Kintaro Fujimi Line", and this is one of the photographing points of Mt. Fuji.
From an atmosphere that will make people want to shout out unintentionally toward Mt. Fuji, which towers greatly before your eyes, this hill was named "Oath Hill".
It is also popular as a power spot with the saying that if you ring the "bell of oath" set on the hill and lock a heart-shaped monument, that oath will always be fulfilled.
There is the "Literature monument of Jiro Nitta" who loved Mt. Fuji, and it is bustling with people as a place for relaxation and refreshment for hikers.
Many cameramen visit this place in spring and autumn to shoot "Diamond Fuji".

Access by Car: Oyama Town Office - Prefectural road Route 365 (Kintaro Fujimi Line) towards Kanagawa for about 15 minutes

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 1.8km) Google Transit


5.02 weeks ago

You can see the magnificent Mt. Fuji unobstructed.
There is a parking lot and a nice arbor, so if you visit this area, you should definitely stop by.
However, there are many curves and steep slopes on the road, so please be careful and try to drive safely.

3.05 months ago

It was closed

4.0a month ago

There are toilets, benches, and bells. The view overlooked the surrounding area, and the presence of Mt. Fuji was wonderful. By the way, there is a place to lock the padlock next to the bell, and couples and couples who have vowed to love lock the bond and the sign of the oath. I don't think Mt. Fuji has that kind of power, but it's romantic.

3.0a week ago

Although it is the best view spot of Mt. Fuji, the entrance was closed until March 25 due to the construction of the outer wall. I was excited to drive a car, but I headed for it.
It seems that the toilet will be charged from April 1st.
(I entered from the side and took a picture of Mt. Fuji. Thank you 😆💕✨)

4.02 months ago

Umbrella-like Azumaya designed the new national stadium
By "Kengo Kuma & Associates"
There seems to be an official name of "Bankasa Roof Higashiya" ... 🧐
I definitely want to see it lit up at night
I have to go through a narrow road in the mountains, so I wonder if people with low driving skills need to be prepared. 💦
Mt. Fuji 🗻 is spectacular 😊

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