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Kintoki Park3.6

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A park that has maintained its surroundings, and the shrine built on the site of the birthplace of "Ashigara mountains Kintaro" that is sung in nursery rhymes.
There are Chorori Nanataki which is said that Kintaro gave its first bath, and the Dairokutenjya which is a children protection shrine.
"Mount Fuji Kintaro Spring Festival" is held on May 3rd every year, and children in the town will unleash the votive sumo wrestling tournament held in the precincts of a shrine on this festival day.
Various trees and plants flower in the park, this place is great for little picnics and walks, and as a play area for small children.
How would you like to take a bento box and get out on a sunny day.

Access by Car: 3 minutes down Nakajima Interchange at National Route 246, 5 minutes from the Oyama Town office

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 1.6km) Google Transit


5.02 years ago

Absolutely fabulous for kids!

4.0a month ago

It's a small park, but it has a nice atmosphere.
The ring is quite rare!

4.02 months ago

I stopped by during the trip.

I came because it was the birthplace of Kintaro
You can relax in the park
An explanation related to Kintaro is written at the shrine
It was interesting.

The toilet is clean and there is a vending machine so you can take a break.

5.02 months ago

The lawn is beautiful and there is even a promenade
Good place to enjoy even with children

3.03 months ago

If you drive from National Highway 246 according to the information board, you can arrive in about 2 to 3 minutes.
Well maintained

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