Yujo Waterfalls

Sightseeing information about Yujo Waterfalls in Japan.

Yujo Waterfalls3.7

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It is said that Yaegiri was a prostitute involved in religion that went on a pilgrimage across the country, and it is said that she dreamed of being together with Sekiryu (赤龍red dragon) at the top of Mt. Kintoki, and became pregnant with Kintaro.
Yaegiri went down the mountain and prayed for the health of the unborn child by putting herself in this waterfall (traditional training/meditation by sitting under a water fall).

Airport/Sta.Suruga-Oyama St. (about 2.1km) Google Transit


2.07 months ago

The road collapsed after walking 2.5 km from the upper gate. The waterfall route was washed away.

1.08 months ago

It has not been recovered from last year's typhoon disaster. The waterfall situation cannot be approached.

2.0a year ago

The waterfall cannot be worshiped due to typhoons from summer to autumn. Not only the waterfall but also the mountain collapses, blocks the river, the road collapses and is amazed by the damage beyond imagination.

3.02 years ago

From Oyama, I will take a mountain along the private house, but at the end it was closed to traffic, but if it is a motorcycle I am OK. From there we listen to the sound of Sawa, climb and walk in about 30 minutes.

3.02 years ago

It's a very quiet place. You cannot go by car from Oyama. There is no information board on the way, but since it is a straight road, I think that you will not get lost. It's hard to meditate.

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