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Mother Yaegiri recovered her bad eyesight at the hot spring cure in Hakone, and recalled Jizo of Ashigaratoge on that returning street and was told that Kintaro sculpted with a nail in the sense of gratitude. Jizo is drawn with a thin line on a flat stone surface.

Cars: About 15 minutes from Oyama Town Office to Ashigara to Gotemba direction
Train: 15 minute walk from Ashigara Station

Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 900m) Google Transit


5.04 years ago

The face carved with a thin line on the surface of this stone is called gold-cutting Jizo.
It is said that Kintaro carved with nails thanks to the recovery of the mother's eyesight!
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3.02 years ago

It is a sunrise taken from this place. I saw a rainbow on the other side.

4.0a year ago

The abandoned road of the Tomei Expressway can be seen from the bridge. The road that is no longer used in the middle of the ascending line and the descending line is right from Ashigara SA. There is a Jizo-san.

2.03 years ago

I don't know

3.03 years ago

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