Mount Kintoki

Sightseeing information about Mount Kintoki in Japan.

Mount Kintoki3.9

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Elevation 1212 m. Until the Edo period, it was called "Inohanayama (猪鼻山)", but before one knows the name "Kintokiyama(金時山)" has been used.
In literature from 1820, it is written that "Sakata Kintoki grew up in this mountain and followed Minamoto No Yorimitsu, therefore is called Kintokiyama."
It is also recommend trekking around Kintaro's legendary spots and Ashigara historic sites.
From the summit of the mountain in fine weather you can view the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Sagami bay, and anniversary badges are distributed at the summit on New Year’s Day every year.
There are courses from Ashigara-toge and from Arashiba for mountain climbing, but you can enjoy a dynamic mountain climbing experience on both courses which has a steep slope from the Torii just below the mountain top with chain ground.

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