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"Kintaro Sakura" is a single cherry tree at Suruga Oyama station yard.
From the town residents cherishing this Sakura tree, it naturally became called the Kintaro Sakura.
At Suruga Oyama station which is the entranceway of this town, this Sakura tree informs people the first visit of spring.

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Touristic spot railway station!
Nothing much to say about the station itself but this place is busy in summer and Autumn!
For the railway buffs:
The station initially opened on February 1, 1889, as Oyama Station (小山駅) It was renamed Suruga Station (駿河駅) on July 1, 1912. When the opening of the Tanna Tunnel diverted the route of the Tōkaidō Main Line south on December 1, 1934, Suruga Station became a station on the Gotemba Line. It was renamed Suruga-Oyama Station (the present name) on January 1, 1952. Operational control of the station was transferred to JR Central following privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987.
The station consists of a single island platform serving two tracks. The station building is to the south of the tracks and connected to the platform with overpass. This station is unmanned.

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JR東海旅客鉄道 JR御殿場線 駿河小山駅(CB08)(無人駅)乗車には1両面の後から乗りで整理券を取ります。下車する時は1両面の前乗りで乗務員に切符を渡す。清算時に時間がかかります。

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